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We continuously look for individuals with the right qualifications, intellect, character and motivation to become part of our great work community. We strive to attract, retain and motivate the very best talent. We welcome your application at any time.

Who we are

Waselius is a leading Finnish law firm with a cross-border focus specializing in business law. We train our lawyers to be exceptionally well-rounded practitioners in order to ensure that specialisation is achieved without sacrificing the important perspective of the generalist.

Our efficient and committed team consists of seasoned and internationally renowned experts, talented younger lawyers and a helpful support team, including administrative personnel and trainees.

Working for Waselius makes you more than just an employee. We treat every employee as an individual and strive to give personal guidance to all our employees and to acknowledge everyone’s individual requests and needs. Our staff turnover is low, and the work community is closely knit and relaxed.

We organize a lot of happenings also outside of work hours and invest in our employees’ well-being, for example by offering lunch- and sport/cultural benefit, health insurance and Citybikes in the summer!

Why Choose Us

At Waselius you are truly an invidual and not just part of a big factory.

You get to work closely with and learn from Finland’s most respectable business lawyers.

Our transparent working time account compensates our lawyers for their occasionally long workdays.

We have fun together! Working is not only about paragraphs.

The well-being of our employees is essential. We offer a variety of fringe benefits.

Employee Stories

One of the best things is enabling our lawyers to become well-rounded experts of business law.

Maria Lehtimäki, Partner

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I can focus on the
fields of law I
enjoy the most.

Jonna Rask, Associate

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We have a warm and
encouraging working

Ida Keränen, Associate

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The team spirit
is exceptional!

Janiela Valtonen, Associate

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The trainees have a
chance to assist with
a variety of different

Felix Suihko, Trainee

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No two days
are the same.

Laura Paalosmaa, Assistant

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Name, position

I have been working as a full-time trainee for four months now and it has already been an insightful and interesting experience. Most of our trainees work part-time, which allows completing one’s studies alongside work easier. Overall, the trainees have a wonderful chance to be part of different teams and assist with a variety of different assignments but also to gain in-depth knowledge in practices that are truly of interest. The work environment at W&W is encouraging and motivating for an aspiring lawyer wherein experienced colleagues can teach a thing or two but are also welcoming and good company outside of work.

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