From time to time, our lawyers’ working days stretch beyond official work hours. As one of the few Finnish law firms, we have implemented a working time account for all of our lawyers. We truly value the time our lawyers spend at work and want to compensate their overtime in a fair way. The working time account allows us to react smoothly to short-term fluctuations in working hours.

Our working time account applies to all of our associate lawyers, both juniors as well as seniors. The system covers all relevant working hours exceeding the eight-hour work day. In addition, we compensate for urgent work that needs to be done during weekends and holidays.

Our lawyers can use their excess working hours recorded as the working time account for extra time off when their working situation permits. Otherwise they get their excess working time converted into money.

The working time account has been very much appreciated among our lawyers as they get a fair compensation for the hard and valuable work they do, even during odd hours.